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Learn About Cameras

A camera is an instrument to record and capture images to be stored locally. Camera can also be transmitted to another location for storing. The images are different types like individual still photographs, sequences of images, videos, movies etc. The camera can also be considered as a remote sensing device due to its capacity to sense subjects without even having physical contact.

In most of the cameras the silicon electronic sensor does the task of capturing the medium. This electronic sensor plays the vital role of helping the camera in forming the image.

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How A Camera Works

A camera may work with the light of the visible spectrum or with other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.  A still camera creates a single image of a scene, records it on photographic film. Light enters through a converging lens/convex lens, an image is recorded on a transition metal-halide. The shutter controls duration of time that a light can enter a camera. Cameras allow a person to  record the view of the scene, to focus for a desired part of the scene, and controls the exposure for not being too bright or too dim.  A display permits to view scene to be recorded by using the setting like ISO speed, exposure, and shutter speed.

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What Amateurs and Professionals Say

The first hand information is more important. This info will be available  with the amateurs who play with their cameras day in and day out. The amateur as well as professional photographers feedback is the most important, since they are the people who optimally utilize the camera to capture and store images. Hence it is of paramount importance to know of how these passionate photographers feel about the cameras,  cinematic or photographic locations, peers, fellow-cameramen, cost, and so on.  Let’s hear from some of them have to say……..

Sergey Kochkarev

Most important part of my interest is the library with lot of literature on cameras. Equipped with latest books and journals on photography cameras for research and study.  I visit my library regularly to write important notes on various types of cameras of my passion.

Dépt. Arts UVHC

Camera using digital electronics is a subject of my interest. I salute the Kdak engineer called by the name Steven Sasson who used digital electronics to develop the first such camera in the year 1975 to capture and store images.


Idex World

Our college management and staff makes it a point. To take us to prominent places in this peaceful city of Ukraine. This location is an unique place in Ukraine, where we are able to see 3 European countries bordering one another.

Benjamin Balázs

It is believed that Alphonse Giroux in the year 1839 was the first person to develop a camera for manufacturing to be launched commercially.

Beatrix von Kalben

For an amateur like me the introduction of less expensive formats are important. One of the earliest amateur format was the 17.5 mm film which was created by splitting 35 mm film. However, the introduction of 9.5 mm film in Europe in the year 1922 and later entered the US became a standard for home movies.


I am a foodie. Hence the nearby market. Gives me the choicest of eats!!! After Monday to Friday studies, classes and lectures, I and my classmates visit our favorite restaurants for enjoying the mouth watering snacks. Thus enjoying a De-stressing weekend.  


The quality of medical education and courses in Ukraine are globally recognized in Europe, UK, USA, Asia, and Africa. The MD degree from Ukraine is having recognition with the world bodies like WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), and the whole of Europe. You get the opportunity to learn from top faculties and professors, some of them being Nobel Prize in Medicine. The international students also get the exposure to the visiting professors from UK, USA, Canada…….  

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There are more than 20 medical universities in Ukraine, where an international student can look forward to take admission into MD programme. Students from all parts of the world prefer to the medical universities that have modest cost of living and conditions. The most important factor is to choose a university whose medium of instruction is English. With respect to medical facilities and infrastructure, the medical universities of Ukraine are having the most advanced and sophisticated medical equipment for treating patients of all ages and economic classes. The visiting professors, specialists, and doctors from the best universities and hospitals of Ukraine, the remaining countries of the European Union, the USA, Canada, etc., add their enriched experience and knowledge while treating patients in the hospital of Ukraine.

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The Ukranian Method of Teaching is having Worldwide acceptance. International medical students in Ukraine get the opportunity to participate in Seminars, Symposia, Project Work, etc in other leading cities in Europe. Students always have the chance to enter into “Bilateral Student Exchange Program with top medical universities in Germany, Sweden, Finland, and many more. During the 3 months of summer, the medical students can take up Summer Jobs in UK, Sweden and other European Union countries.

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Digital Photography Trainer

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Jagdish Naidu


Jagdish Naidu is resident of Bhilai Chhattisgarh. His expertise lies in teaching and training students who are looking to make a career in photography with the aim to become amateur or professional photographer. He has trained and taught several students from past 3o years. Many students approach Mr Naidu for taking consultancy on photography and camera. He provides guidance to students desirous to become professional phtographer. His good will and public relations in Bhilai from 3 decades is the testimony of his single minded focus of training students in photography and camera work.

Mr Jagdish Naidu encourages the intelligent and hardworking students who want to make their career in India and abroad. Such students and guardians can approach Mr Naidu for guidance. Mr Jagdish gives training by taking out time from his busy schedule, where he visits various industrial organizations for covering photography and video works.

You may email to jagdish@gmail.com, and Describe your requirement and choice of training. We’ll respond to you ASAP on further procedures.

If you have a specific question, leave a message here, please. For urgent queries use What’s app  +91-98263 83206

Address: Babu Digital Photography , Opp. State Bank of India, Asha Colony, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Phone: 98263 83206